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Introducing our Caffeinated Holiday Sampler - a delightful collection of four premium loose leaf teas to infuse your holiday season with warmth, comfort, and festive flavors. Four tins of loose leaf tea come in a ready-to-gift gold box, complete with tea bags for easy steeping, making this the perfect holiday gift for any tea lover! 

Savor the flavors of:

Organic Orange Cinnamon SpiceThis tea is a warm and comforting loose-leaf tea that blends the natural sweetness of organic orange peel with the spicy notes of organic cinnamon and cloves. Refreshingly sweet from start to finish, this tea celebrates indulging flavors and enticing aromas.

Organic Masala ChaiA delicious and invigorating loose-leaf tea blend made from high-quality, organic black tea leaves and a unique blend of aromatic spices, including cinnamon chips, cardamom, ginger root, and cloves. 

Organic Mint BlissA refreshing and invigorating green tea that combines the natural sweetness of organic peppermint with the cool and minty taste of spearmint.

Organic Holiday CheerBring in the season with a cup of our cozy Holiday Cheer. Oolong tea gives a rich nutty flavor to this spiced blend. Cinnamon and cloves fill the air with an aroma that reminds us of being home for the holidays. 

Approximately 5-7 servings per tin.

30 drawstring tea bags included to help make the tea.

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Diamond
Holiday Sampler 2020

I bought this for my finance and she really seemed to enjoy the Orange Cinnamon Spice the most. Highly approve of this company. The tea was delicious and the tea bags included in the package were perfect!

Linda Galantin
Holiday Sampler

I was attracted by the pretty box and thought this would be nice to offer company over the holidays. I noted that all the ingredients were organic but what I did not pay attention to, was the caffeine content. Out of the four jars only one was caffeine free, which was disappointing as I had planned on offering these teas to friends after dinner. All the jars contain loose tea, and the box included individual tea bags which were very easy to fill.

Great selection

The orange spice tea in particular was popular with our guests.

Clair Zumbrum jr
Employees bought this as a

Employees bought this as a Christmas gift for our supervisor I he loved it. He & his wife s are TEA LOVERS. He exclaims he will be buying tea from Full Leaf Tea Co. In the future

Love it

So spicy and Christmasy