Size: Healthy Tea Program Stress Relief

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Size: Healthy Tea Program Stress Relief


Set aside time to relax and rejuvenate with our Healthy Tea Program for Stress Relief. This thirty day cleanse is designed to help relieve physical and mental stress to help you feel your best.

You don't have to be a tea drinker to enjoy this cleanse. We have included everything you need to start brewing a relaxing cup of tea.

What's included:

  • 30 servings of Organic Herbal Comfort
  • 30 servings of Organic Relieve Stress Tea
  • 60 Natural Paper Drawstring Tea Bags
  • Vacuum Flask Infuser Bottle  (not included in refill package)
    • Product dimensions: 8.75" in height by 2.5" in circumference.
    • Plus the Healthy Tea Program Calendar to keep you on track

    How it works:

    In the morning, drink 1 cup of Organic Herbal Comfort. This smooth herbal blend will help calm your mind and body for a relaxing start to the day.

    Ingredients: Organic licorice root, organic peppermint, organic fennel, and organic holy basil.

    Tastes like: Sweet Mint and Licorice

    In the evening, drink 1 cup of Organic Relieve Stress Tea. This rooibos and lavender blend is soothing and full of antioxidants.

    Ingredients: Organic rooibos, organic passion flower, organic lemon balm, organic holy basil, and organic lavender.

    Tastes like: Mild and Floral

    The Results:

    The goal of this cleanse is to feel more relaxed and less stressed out. We have picked teas for this cleanse with proven health benefits to help you feel calm and have reduced anxiety.

    What customers have said about Organic Herbal Comfort:

    "This is the perfect tea for relaxing and winding down! I can even drink it midday. But almost always at bedtime and even some mornings. I just love it!!"

    "I really enjoy this tea very hot at night before bed or any time I need a quiet moment and stress release. This tea has licorice root, not the same as the candy, and it adds a nice natural sweetness to the tea without sugar. Very good!"

    What customers have said about Organic Relieve Stress Tea: 

    "Love it! My husband and I have it nearly every evening before bedtime. He has never been a tea drinker until he had this tea!"

    "This has become my go-to drink in the evenings when I have had a stressful day and can't seem to relax in the evenings. I like that it includes rooibos, which has so many health benefits. This tea has a good flavor and it definitely helps relieve some of the tension and calm my mind."

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Refill Pack

    Already tried the Healthy Tea Program Stress Relief 30 day cleanse? Restock on the teas and tea bags with our Refill Pack.

    What's included:

    • 30 servings of Organic Relieve Stress Tea
    • 30 servings of Organic Herbal Comfort
    • 60 Natural Paper Drawstring Tea Bags
    • Plus the Healthy Tea Program Calendar to keep you on track

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Michael mento
    Absolutely Worth it

    This has definitely helped with my anxiety! The cup before bed get helps me fall and stay asleep. I am convinced and will be a repeat customer!


    I honestly can't tell a difference in my anxiety. I don't really think it's helping any and I've been drinking it for 2 weeks already. I'm disappointed because I was desperately hoping it would help with my anxiety and stress

    Ashley Nickelson
    Loved this tea!

    Delicious taste, wish I bought more!

    Cayenne Barnes
    Best is the best

    The heart health and lung health are excellent teas. And in this time of covid we all need both. If you don’t love the flavor add some berry berry !! I love organic tea from Full leaf

    Danica M
    Amazing tea and unbeatable company

    Not only are there teas of beautiful quality and taste , full leafs customer service and attention to detail in making a customer feel connected is the best I’ve ever seen. Also your heartburn tea has been a gift I was able to give my friend going through chemotherapy and it has helped so much. Your company and products are magnificent please never change . Thank you