Organic Turmeric Ginger Mate


Size: 2 oz Bag (approx. 30 servings)
2 oz Bag (approx. 30 servings)
1/2 lb Bulk Bag (approx. 120 servings)
Sample Bag (approx. 3-5 servings)
Size: 2 oz Bag (approx. 30 servings)
2 oz Bag
(30 servings)
$12.95 USD
1/2 lb Bulk Bag
(120 servings)
$34.95 USD
Sample Bag
(3-5 servings)
$5.95 USD

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Caffeine Content: High

None Low Med. High
Mate Tea

Country of Origin: USA

This tea is a cozy combination of yerba mate, ginger root, and turmeric. Yerba mate is an herb from South America that is a huge energy booster. High in caffeine and smooth in taste, it provides the perfect base for the rich ingredients of ginger and turmeric. Turmeric is a well-known superfood and for good reason! Turmeric is full of so many health benefits, such as boosting the immune system and helping prevent cancer.

Caffeine Content: High

Yerba Mate's smooth taste yields to the flavors of turmeric and ginger.

  • Organic Yerba Mate: Packed with dozens of vitamins and minerals, and packed with caffeine, yerba mate has numerous health benefits including weight loss, disease prevention, mood-boosting, and more!
  • Organic Turmeric: Turmeric reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system, and can even help relieve arthritis symptoms! It can also ease heartburn and stomach pain.
  • Organic Ginger Root: Ginger root is a super herb that is great for overall health. A unique property it has is its ability to help you absorb more nutrients from other ingredients it is consumed with.

Add 1-2 teaspoons of tea to 8 oz less than boiling temperature water

Let the tea steep for 2-4 minutes

For best results, use filtered water (water can really affect the taste of the tea if it is not filtered)

Ingredients include...

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Davida Arledge
Great tea !!

I have quite a few of the wellness tea. The tea actually helps. The bloating and anti-inflammation tea us probably my favorite !!

Love these teas!

I bought 5 different teas and have enjoyed every single one of them. I love the various teas offered for different ailments and health goals. It’s hard to find good, organic teas and I’m happy I tried these.

No taste

Let me start by saying I wanted to like this tea. I have had other ginger turmeric teas and loved them. I was looking for a tea club I could set up a membership and forget about it. I was hoping this was it.
What went wrong? Well I received my teas. Both ginger and turmeric and a joint aid tea. Upon opening the sealed bag I noticed I wasn’t hit with any aroma. I sniffed the bag and nothing which was odd, but I continued on. I had purchased their paper tea bags also, which I love, I measured out the suggested amount plus a little more just because I like stronger tea. I put about 8oz of hot water let it steep then sat down to enjoy. Sadly it tasted like hot water. Undeterred I thought maybe I made it wrong. Maybe a little too much water or maybe it wasn’t hot enough so I dumped the cup and tried again. This time I measured out a little more tea measured out the water at about 210 degrees. Again I sat down sipped my tea and again disappointed. Frustrated I decided to try again. This time I filled the bag to the top, stuffed it. Used only 6 oz of heated water and steeped it for 10 min. Although the water was murky it still tasted like heated water. I did this with the other tea I received and got the same results. Unfortunately they will both sit in my cupboard now until I can convince myself to throw out $25 worth of unflavored tea. Like I said I really wanted this to work, but in the end it didn’t. I will have to continue searching. I will probably purchase more tea bag from them though unless I find a club that I like that also has the bags.

Hi David,
Thank you for your feedback! I wanted to reach out and see if I could assist with anything. A lot of tea companies add flavoring to their teas to pack more of a punch of flavor while all of our teas are made with only the natural herb itself. This may be a different experience than other companies you have ordered from. I also noticed you had set up a recurring subscription for the Organic Turmeric Ginger Mate and would be happy to go in and cancel that for you if you are not wanting to receive any more.
Please feel free to reach out to if you'd like to begin a return or would like some other tea recommendations!

Love these teas

This turmeric ginger mate tea is excellent! So far, I have not been disappointed in any of the teas from Full Leaf Tea Co., they have all been great! I would say that this loose leaf tea is pretty fine so if you have a steeper with larger holes in it the tea might get into your drink.

So delicious!!

I really love this blend. I got the sample size because I am super picky but this was amazing yerba mate can be bitter but the turmeric and ginger root work perfectly. I personally have been steeping for 10 minutes and adding cane sugar.