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Full Leaf Tea Company was created by husband and wife team Matt and Lisa. Their love of tea began long ago with the joy of sharing and drinking tea with their family and friends. Their passion and enthusiasm grew into a desire to share their experience with others. Through the creation of Full Leaf Tea Company, they have merged two key components in their lives, tea and relationships.

This combination brought to life a dream of developing and serving the highest quality of loose leaf teas and matcha while building a brand revolving around its customers. Every order is given special attention and detail; the same attention they gave their family and friends who inspired them to create Full Leaf. They continue this care in how they run their business, where every employee is considered part of the “Full Leaf Family.”


  “Each individual in our company is key to the success of our brand and what we stand for. We believe the “Full Leaf Experience” starts in the hands of those who work to build and run each part of our company. We can never say “thank you” enough.”  
– Matt
 "Our company is not just about a product. It's about the process and our commitment to people and relationships. We strive to deliver a personal shopping experience and invite our customers to become a part of our Full Leaf family. Without your support, we would not be here doing the thing we love most. Thank you!”
– Lisa


Based out of Southern Oregon, Full Leaf Tea Company offers a wide variety of loose leaf teas, matcha, and accessories. One of a kind teas are created by in-house tea artisans and blenders, giving Full Leaf customers an array of products unable to be found anywhere else. With unique offerings and exceptional service, Full Leaf promises to give every customer an elite experience and continues to stand out above the crowd.   


Full Leaf Tea Company serves customers and wholesale customers nationwide, Puerto Rico and Canada.

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