Cleanse On-The-Go Kit

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  • Cleanse On-The-Go Kit
Cleanse On-The-Go Kit Cleanse On-The-Go Kit Cleanse On-The-Go Kit Cleanse On-The-Go Kit

Cleanse On-The-Go Kit

$63.85 $44.95 -30%

Introducing our Cleanse On-The-Go Kit! This kit includes two full-size tins of our favorite cleansing teas, plus our Vacuum Flask Infuser Bottle! Product dimensions for flask are: 8.75" in height by 2.5" in circumference.Everything you need to start brewing a perfect cup of tea is included in this exclusive set. You'll love the two teas included in this kit: Organic Liver Cleanse and Organic Detox Tea. 

Organic Healthy Colon Tea is a mint blend that can help provide relief from stomach problems and constipation. This caffeine free blend has a soothing mint flavor, and contains a variety of ingredients that are used to treat indigestion, inflammation, IBS, and more. If you need help regulating your system or need stomach relief, Organic Healthy Colon is the tea for you.

Organic Liver Cleanse is a robust tea which can help cleanse and detoxify the liver. Some of the powerful ingredients in this blend that have been proven to aid in liver health are dandelion root, boldo, and milk thistle. Help cleanse your system and feel your best with this wellness blend! 

Brew the teas easily in the Vacuum Flask Bottle Infuser. Just add a scoop of tea to the bottle with hot water or cold water and ice, and then push the strainer into place. Let steep and enjoy!

Caffeine: None

See individual steeping instructions for each tea on their labels.

For best results, use filtered water (water can really affect the taste of the tea if it is not filtered)

Organic Healthy Colon Tea

Ingredients: Organic peppermint, organic chickweed, organic slippery elm, organic senna, and organic fennel.

Country of Origin: USA


Organic Cleanse Tea

Ingredients: Organic dandelion root, organic licorice root, organic boldo, organic chicory, organic milk thistle, and organic fennel.

Country of Origin: USA

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