How to Make Traditional Matcha

We LOVE our matcha here at Full Leaf! There are multiple ways you can enjoy your green tea fix. I've seen several Pinterest boards and social media pages devoted to ALL things matcha. In its growing popularity, matcha has become widespread. You can now indulge at your local coffee shop or find it in your neighborhood grocer.

In our opinion, the very best way to enjoy matcha is in the traditional way of the Japanese ceremony. This article will showcase this method of making matcha at home. It is a quite simple process that will proceed a premium experience and product for you. To get the most out of the delicious flavor of matcha, you need all the right tools. This includes the matcha bowl, whisk, and scoop.

The bowl is extremely important. It is shaped to allow you to whisk a deliciously frothy cup of matcha. Its shape is perfect for whisking with the traditional bamboo style of Japan. We recommend whisking until your matcha is light and airy in appearance. Be delicate in your approach, this does not require a heavy hand. For some people their recommended time is a minute but we've seen to a couple minutes for some as well. We cannot forget about the bamboo scoop for your matcha tools! The rounded curved tip gives ease in transferring matcha powder to the bowl or cup, and lifts a perfect serving with each scoop.

Last but not least is the matcha. Ceremonial is our favorite variety for the purposes of drinking it traditionally. Its the highest quality and will be sure to give your tastebuds the profile they are looking for. 

Drinking matcha is an art and you can find a plethora of information all over the web. We've created a guide that not only has all the health benefits of drinking matcha but with comparisons of the varieties, how-to videos, and links to all the tools required to be successful. Read all about matcha here on our website.

We've attached a video of the Full Leaf staff making matcha in the way of the traditional Japanese ceremony. Cheers and happy matcha drinking!



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