Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe
Simple & Easy Iced Matcha Recipe

Do you love matcha? Are iced lattes your jam? Are you prepared to shake vigorously and enjoy this wonderful iced version of your favorite green tea? Well, get ready, we’re going to show you a couple ways in which you can easily and simply enjoy your favorite iced matcha green tea latte on the go. No more worries when you can enjoy your favorite creation with milk and honey or almond milk. We got your back. 

While creating your beverage is super easy, making sure you have the best ingredients are key when making your drink of choice. The key is finding the right matcha green tea powder that works for you. At Full Leaf we have a few different varieties. For these recipes we recommend either Ceremonial if you are used to drinking matcha made in the traditional way with a matcha whisk, hot water, and are avoiding sugar for any reason. This is the highest grade and quality we offer.

Those of you that enjoy the sweeter side of spectrum, I recommend using Organic Sweet Matcha Original if you plan on dressing this up a couple different ways. We’ll have recipes for both varieties to enjoy, so don’t you worry. Sit back and enjoy your frosty cold mason jar full of tea.

Recipe One: Cocktail Style

  1. To make this easy version simply grab a cocktail shaker or a sealable tumbler.
  2. Simply fill your container with a full cup of ice.
  3. Add your Ceremonial matcha powder to the container. Do not worry about adding hot water or whisking the matcha separately in its own matcha bowl before you add it to the mix.
  4. Add a simple syrup or some sugar if needed, without is quite delicious.
  5. Add your choice of milk to about three fourths of the way up to the top. This step is important because it makes sure you have enough liquid to make the beverage.
  6. Shake vigorously for ten full seconds. This activates the matcha and ensures it is just as frothy as making it in your matcha bowl the traditional way. If you see some clumping occurring, do not worry, simply shake the cocktail shaker or tumbler a little more vigorously to ensure it dissipates.
  7. If you made it in a cocktail shaker simply add the finished liquid to your beverage container of choice. Do not strain. 

Recipe Two: Coffeehouse Style

This version is a popular way of preparing an iced matcha latte at your favorite coffee shop or tea house in your neighborhood. A side note: this recipe is focused on the sweeter coffeehouse version, feel free to substitute with an unsweetened matcha such as Ceremonial if you prefer.

  1. Prepare your sweet matcha in a traditional way with your scoops of powder, hot water, whisking in a Z pattern. Our team has made a simple video for you showing these steps if you need. Once you have finished preparing your matcha, set aside for now.
  2. Fill your tumbler with ice three quarters of the way to the top.
  3. Pour prepared matcha over the ice.
  4. Add simple syrup or flavor of choice. Very popular flavors include fruit, mint, or lavender. There are many combinations you can do. Have fun and experiment. You can use vanilla extract or other unsweetened additives to keep it from getting too sweet. A popular ingredient is raw honey. I recommend warming it up before adding so that the honey mixes in with the cold liquid. If you don’t warm it up it tends to stick to the cup and not mix in with the matcha itself.
  5. Top beverage with milk of choice.
  6. Similar to a bar, swirl with a spoon or in your beverage container if it has a lid. I tend to use my straw to stir it when I drink it. The ball is in your court. Do what works best for you.
Each of these recipes is guaranteed to keep you ready to enjoy the day at a quick speed. Numerous health benefits to matcha and a world that leaves one desiring for more health and wellness to get them through the day is always needed! I hope that you have enjoyed reading these iced matcha green tea latte recipes and encourage you to share them with a friend.


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We LOVE our Matcha ! Placed our first order from Full Leaf Tea Co. during our Stay Home Covid-19 Quarantine to treat ourselves with a comforting beverage we enjoy. Even under pandemic, our delivery was quick and packaged well. Will definitely order again. Our only wish is that the containers weren’t so small ! One container for two people only made a few beverages : (

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