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5 Tips to Improve Focus

5 Tips to Improve Focus

Staying focused is important to ensure you are accomplishing your tasks, both at work and in your personal life. There are many small ways that you can improve your focus. Here are five tips for improving your concentration:

#1 Take breaks:

Taking breaks is an essential step in operating in the most effective way possible. If you continue to work straight through the whole day, your focus and determination will dwindle. Taking breaks lets your brain recharge so you can continue staying focused and working productively. Every hour try to get up, take a walk, meditate, or make some of our Organic Brain Health Tea. This will make sure you are giving yourself a little bit of rest so you can focus effectively for the rest of your day.

#2 Write down your daily goals:

Writing down your goals for the day is a great way to stay on task. It can help compartmentalize what you need to get done so that you can stay organized. It can also help relieve stress because you know what needs to get done, and if you are in a calm mindset you can stay focused. Also, who doesn’t love the satisfying feeling of crossing off something you accomplished. Keep notes in your phone or get a planner to ensure you are staying focused and completing your goals.

writing list

#3 Sleep:

Making sure that you are getting enough sleep is very important for staying focused throughout your day. If you don’t get a good night sleep your brain won’t function at its peak. Try to drink a cup of our Organic Sleeping TranquiliTea at night so that you get a deep sleep to prepare for your busy days. Although getting 8 hours of sleep is ideal, sometimes it’s not realistic. If you aren’t getting enough sleep at night try to take a twenty minute power nap for an energy boost during the day.


#4 Remove distractions from your workspace:

Having distractions when you are working can make you lose your train of thought and reduce your focus off of what you want to accomplish. Turn your cell on do not disturb and let the people around you know not to distract you. This will keep your focus only on the task you are completing rather than social media or other people's questions. Try to keep your desk clutter free with just the essentials. Such as your laptop, a notebook, and maybe a cup of our Organic Green Energy Tea  in our Vacuum Flask Tea Infuser so that your workspace is clean and free of distractions.

#5 Drink a cup of tea!:

Not only is tea a healthy beverage but it can also be a healthy way to get in a little caffeine. A cup of caffeinated tea in the morning is a great way to amp your energy so that your brain is ready to focus on everything you are doing that day. Our Healthy Tea System- Focus is the perfect way to ensure that you are staying motivated and on task all day long. This Healthy Tea System utilizes two teas, Organic Turmeric Ginger Mate which is high in caffeine so it starts your day with a boost of energy and Organic Brain Health Tea which has ingredients that have been shown to improve memory and focus.

Healthy Tea System - Focus

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