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Healthy Hair and Clearer Skin!

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I am a huge fan of beauty products. Lipstick, nail polish, hairspray, and more, so you could say I’m a little addicted. What I never expected to add to my beauty regimen was tea! However, Full Leaf Tea has found a way to prove me wrong!

 As an avid tea lover, I was pretty excited when I heard about Full Leaf’s Organic Beauty Me tea. The Beauty Me tea is made of powerful ingredients that help clear skin and promote stronger hair. Rooibos, ginger root, peppermint, dandelion root, holy basil, gotu kola, burdock root and rose petals combine to make an effective and delicious tea.

Gotu kola is an herb that has many different uses. It has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and scars. It also decreases inflammation making it awesome ingredient to improve skin health.

 Burdock root is a powerful ingredient as well because it contains vitamins and minerals that are essential to overall skin and hair health. It is known as an aid to preventing acne and dry skin.

The base of this tea, Rooibos, is great for skin health because it contains alpha hydroxy acid and zinc. Alpha hydoxy acid is often applied topically to skin to increase firmness and smoothness, while zinc is used to reduce skin irritations and to promote existing hair growth.

 Dandelion root adds to the tea because it contains both vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A helps prevent the formation of acne, and vitamin C promotes improved skin health and faster healing. Vitamin C is also essential for hair growth.

 Holy Basil is full of antioxidants that help lessen the effects of age and stress on the body, and it has been shown to help clear skin.

Rose petals are included in this tea because of their soothing properties that help relieve red skin and eczema.

Ginger root is loaded with health benefits, and is used in Beauty Me Tea for its ability to help nutrients be absorbed more effectively.

Peppermint also has a variety of health benefits, but is used in this tea for its cool and refreshing flavor. 

I love that I can receive the great benefits of these ingredients while simply drinking tea. 

Cup of Tea

Beauty Me tea tastes great too. The rooibos base provides a light sweet flavor, and the peppermint creates a refreshing aftertaste. The blend is beautiful in full leaf because you can see the pink rose petals and the red rooibos. The peppermint provides a green splash of color throughout the loose leaf tea.

Sometimes we all need a little something to make us feel beautiful, and that’s what Organic Beauty Me tea does for me. It is my favorite way to start the morning: feeling beautiful from the inside out.

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