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How FLTC is Making a Difference

How FLTC is Making a Difference

Full Leaf Tea Company was founded on ideals promoting an active healthy lifestyle, for you and for the planet. Each day, we try to make a difference by selling sustainable products that you can feel good about. 

We at Full Leaf emphasize the importance of organic, with almost every tea variety available being USDA Certified Organic. The USDA Certification ensures that none of the Organic teas are made with Genetically Modified (GMO) ingredients. It also ensures that it is grown on a certified farm that has tested their soil and has not used certain pesticides or additives and other harmful chemicals. 

Besides moving towards all organic teas, we also take care to make sure our tea accessories are environmentally friendly. That’s why our hand-made, double-walled glass mugs are made of High Borosilicate Glass, which is extra durable, tempered glass. High Borosilicate means our glasses are 100% BPA free and phthalate free.  

By keeping away from plastic, you’re helping keep plastic out of landfills and harmful chemicals out of your body. For this reason, we also make sure to have plastic-free 100% biodegradable teabags! Full Leaf is trying to lead the way, straying from the trend of using plastic to reinforce teabags. Many leading brands will have plastic particulates in their teabags, which leech into the tea you’re steeping. This is why we offer completely natural teabags with zero plastic in them. Our teabags gain their strength from natural hemp fibers without compromising yours or the planet’s health.

We choose to pack our tea in thick mylar bags, which are 100% recyclable and puncture resistant. The mylar material provides a protective barrier to our teas, protecting against the degrading effects of oxygen, light, and moisture, so that our tea stays as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. This helps produce less product waste as well, helping give our customers a tea with a long shelf life.

Finally, we sell items that are meant to be a staple in your home and meant to be re-used. This includes our decorative tins to provide storage solutions, our infusers, teapots, and sifters. Our tins are reusable and food grade so you can store your tea or other dry goods in them. We also ensure our infusers are made from high quality, food grade silicone, so that it’s not only better for the environment than plastic, it’s also safe for you. 

To read more about how Full Leaf is making a difference, visit our Sustainability page.

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