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Making Iced Tea At Home

Making Iced Tea At Home


Summer has almost arrived! Can you believe it? Grilling your favorite foods on the patio while enjoying the warm blue skies and time with family. Ready for a seasonal change? Yes, please.

Adding some refreshing cold tea in a frosty mason jar can simply complete the mood. Let’s face it, there are a ton of recipes out there on how to make tea on ice. Cold brew tea is taking everyone by storm with its smooth profile and abundant flavor. Quick serve iced tea is a pillar found in houses everywhere. There are many ways to enjoy the benefits and taste of tea on ice.

The summer season does not mean it is time to waive farewell to your favorite hot tea. In this blog we’ll go over the two most popular methods for making cold tea: instant and cold brew style. Both feature delicious loose leaf tea but have different results.

Cold Brew Iced Tea

To make cold brew iced tea, it is quite simple. We recommend five Tablespoons of loose leaf tea per gallon of water. You can adjust the amount based off of the desired amount you wish to brew. Our natural paper filters are a great way to store the loose leaf tea as it brews or a larger reusable filter may do the trick. Make sure you give plenty of room for the tea to expand as it brews.

Once you have your loose leaf tea situated in your tea bag or reusable filter put the tea in room temperature or cold filtered water. Brew time can be anywhere from 12 hours to 24+ depending upon the desired strength. The great benefit to cold brew style tea is that it will not get acidic the longer you brew it.

Instant Iced Tea

One of the other more popular iced tea preparation would be the “instant iced tea” recipe. There are two varieties of this method and I’ll cover both for you. This is a super quick brew time and is more suited for individual cups versus an entire pitcher of iced tea.

To make it using hot filtered water simply brew your desired tea double strength. Once it has finished brewing, remove the tea bag, and simply pour it over a cup of ice. This hot brew method is an easy preparation method that is quick and easy.

To make instant iced tea using cold filtered water simply brew your desired tea double strength. This time however make sure the ice cubes are included with the water and teabag. You can leave the teabag in for as long as you would like. This method enables a cold brew style like tea that will increase its strength throughout the day.

Fruit and mint infused cold brew tea

What teas are best?

Now that we have covered the most popular ways to make iced tea at home let me give you some of my favorite recommendations for teas that are excellent cold. While most traditional iced teas are a form of black tea, more popular green or herbal teas are making their way into the kitchen.

For black tea versions I recommend choosing a heavier full bodied tea that will hold up to lemon or other additives that you may throw at it. Even if you do not put anything in your tea, having a stronger brew will get you tons of flavor. Trust me, you cannot go wrong.

Organic Sungma Black or Organic Assam would be two of my top choices. I am a fan of Darjeeling so my heart really gravitates to the Sungma. Both of these teas will quench your thirst for sure.

For green tea versions I always recommend a lively green tea that is bursting with lemon. Having a citrus component to the green tea will take off the sometimes overpowering vegetative taste that can creep up in cold green teas.

Organic Live Fit or Organic Ceylon Green would be two of my top choices. Live Fit will bring that delicious citrus component into your brew. Ceylon Green is going to be a standard cup of green tea without any additional flavor components in it. Both brew super smooth and will be excellent teas to have when you are craving iced tea.

If you are looking for an herbal option look no farther! Organic Passion is one of my absolute favorite iced teas due to the tartness of the hibiscus. This is very refreshing with lemonade in the hot summer months.

So many of our other herbal options make excellent iced teas such as mate or rooibos. You really cannot go wrong with making an herbal iced tea. So many options full of varying profiles.

Now you are ready to make iced tea.

Make sure you have fun exploring all the different options available. So many options at your finger tips to try out and an adventurous summer calling your name. Sounds like perfection.

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