Three Teas for an Energy Boost!

If you are constantly feeling tired and unmotivated, it may be time to switch up your morning routine with one of our energizing tea blends.

Tea has health benefits outside of your typical caffeine boost that can help increase productivity. So ditch your cup of coffee and don't look back!

Here is a closer look at three of our most energizing teas. 

Organic Green Energy Loose Leaf Tea

Organic Green Energy

Organic Green Energy is a part of our Wellness Blend Collection. Each wellness blend is designed with a specific health goal in mind and Organic Green Energy is designed to boost energy!

This tea contains two very important ingredients for energy boosting: Yerba Mate and Matcha Green Tea. Yerba Mate is an herb from South America that is known for its properties of improving mental clarity and focus. Yerba mate is highly caffeinated for a tea, but is still less caffeinated than an average cup of coffee.

Matcha green tea is actually a very fine powder. It is made by grinding down specially grown green tea leaves with granite wheels until a powder is formed. Matcha is unique because it provides a longer sustained energy than most caffeinated products. For example, with coffee you typically feel a big rise in energy, but then it is followed by fast drop in energy, commonly called a "caffeine crash". In contrast, matcha is a slower sustained energy. So instead of a drop when the caffeine wears off, matcha slowly wears off so there is no caffeine crash. Because matcha is a green tea, it also very helpful for increasing focus.

Yerba Mate and Matcha are blended together in this tea, along with ashwagandha root, lemon peel, holy basil, and lemon verbena. Organic Green Energy has a light lemon flavor, followed by the bright vegetal flavor of yerba mate.

Organic Sweet Match Energy

Organic Sweet Matcha Energy

Organic Sweet Matcha Energy is a blend of cane sugar, matcha powder, and guarana powder. It is perfect for making a delicious matcha latte! 

Matcha already has its own amazing energy-boosting properties, but in this blend, we wanted to create even more of an energy boost by adding guarana powder. Guarana seeds have 2.5 times the amount of caffeine that coffee does! By combining the caffeine power of guarana and the sustained energy of matcha, this blend provides the ultimate energy boost.

Organic Sweet Matcha can be prepared in many different ways. Simply whisk it with hot water to create a hot cup of tea, or you could even just add a scoop of it directly to a morning smoothie!

If you have never tried matcha before, Organic Sweet Matcha Energy is a great pick! Organic cane sugar perfectly complements the smooth rich flavor of matcha, and with only 4 grams of sugar per serving this tea is practically guilt free!

Organic Live Fit Tea

Organic Live Fit Tea is a green tea blend and is a part of our Wellness Blends Collection. It is formulated to help boost energy and improve fitness results.

Green tea is essential to this blend as it boosts energy and is a great source of antioxidants. It also provides a light vegetal flavor that is complemented by the lemon verbena and lemon peel in this tea. Lemon verbena has great health benefits too, including increasing fat burning and helping to protect muscles after exercise!

Ashwagandha root and epimedium leaf are also critical ingredients in this tea because they help prevent physical fatigue and improve athletic performance! Organic Live Fit is a perfect tea to drink before your workout for an energy boost, or after your workout for a pick-me-up and to help your body recover.

We recommend steeping one teaspoon of Live Fit Tea in eight ounces of just under boiling temperature filtered water.

If you like to cold brew your tea, fill five of our Natural Paper Drawstring Tea Bags with 1 tablespoon of tea each, and then let them steep in a gallon of filtered water overnight in your fridge. Pour over fresh ice and enjoy!


Hope you enjoyed this overview of some our favorite energy boosting teas! You might also enjoy browsing our Teas for an Energy Boost Collection!




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