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Tropical Summer Refresher

Tropical Summer Refresher

Refresh Your Summer with Our Tropical Summer Refresher Recipe

Tropical Summer Refresher
Photography by Haley Sullivan

Prep time

15 min

Cook time

0 min


1 serving


Iced Teas

As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, there's nothing quite like a cool, refreshing drink to keep you feeling revitalized. Our Tropical Summer Refresher is the perfect beverage to beat the heat while also benefiting your health. Made with our Organic Blood Pressure Tea, this recipe combines the goodness of natural herbs with the vibrant flavors of tropical fruits, creating a deliciously invigorating drink that's perfect for any summer day.

Our Organic Blood Pressure Tea is crafted from a blend of carefully selected herbs known for their potential to support cardiovascular health. This tea not only helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels but also offers a fruity, earthy flavor that pairs wonderfully with the tropical ingredients in this recipe.

Let's get started and make this summer both delicious and healthy!



Step 1

Steep 2 teaspoons of Organic Blood Pressure Tea leaves in 8 ounces of near boiling filtered water for at least 7 minutes.

Step 2

 While the tea cools, muddle a couple of kiwi slices in a glass and fill the glass with ice.

Step 3

Fill the glass most of the way with the steeped tea and squeeze a lime wedge into the drink.

Step 4

Top with a little bit of coconut milk.

Step 5

 Garnish with a kiwi slice and a lime slice, and enjoy!

Tropical Summer Refresher
Photography by Haley Sullivan
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