Matcha Frother


Make a perfect cup of matcha with our electric Matcha Frother! This handheld frother easily froths all types of hot or cold milk (not cream products). Making a delicious matcha latte has never been easier! Product dimensions: 9.5" in length by almost an inch at its widest part.

To make a quick cup of traditional matcha using this frother, grab your matcha bowl and favorite matcha powder. Add 1/2 tsp of matcha to the bowl, and pour in 4 ounces of just under boiling temperature filtered water. Dip the bottom of the frother into the water, and press the button to start frothing the mixture. Click the button again once you have achieved your desired amount of froth. Enjoy!


Material: Food grade stainless steel and ABS plastic.

Batteries not included. Uses two AAA batteries.

Not to be used as a mixer for whipped cream or other heavy products that could damage the machine.

Goes well with our Matcha Bowl and Ceremonial Matcha.

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    Alana Pardington
    Fantastic Matcha Mixer

    Finally able to enjoy matcha with no clumps. Easy and fast to use, highly recommend.

    Erica Hernandez
    Great buy

    Easy to clean. Get's the job done.

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    Love it, but it is finicky

    With new batteries and screwed in tightly, it does an awesome job. But it goes thru batteries quickly if you use it everyday and it likes to spontaneously stop working and I have to remove the batteries, then put them back in or just remove and replace the wisk end, making sure it has good contact. Great idea; it just needs to be refined.

    Darren Durrett
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    Great matcha mixer

    Works great!

    James M.
    Already reviewed.

    When I first got it the wand wouldn't stay in and they replaced the unit. I thought it was just a defective wand. I've have had it for about 6 moths and the new one is doing the same thing, the wand kept falling out. So I glued it on. It doesn't always sip correctly in a tight circle. I wouldn't buy it again. I've looked at the other reviews and nothing is said, maybe it's me? It's great for the tea, it really makes a great froth.