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Sweet and spicy are brought together in our unique and flavorful chai blends. This sampler of cozy blends will warm you from the inside out! These tins are packed full with a variety of flavors!

Included in this sample: 

Organic Masala Chai - Spicy, bold, and sweet all in the same cup! Organic black tea, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic cloves, and organic green cardamom are blended together forming a classic chai blend!

Caffeine: High

Organic White Chai - Organic White Chai is a perfectly balanced blend of white tea and classic chai spices. The white tea base creates a chai that is milder in flavor and softly sweet.

Caffeine: Low

Organic Herbal Chai - Finally, a tea that has delicious chai flavors and no caffeine! Organic Herbal Chai is made using Rooibos, a naturally caffeine-free tea from South Africa. Rooibos is a beautiful bright red color, and it has a sweeter flavor than most teas. It is the perfect base for the rich and spicy ingredients of ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. Steep this tea for about five to seven minutes to achieve a sweet and spicy cup with a delicate and soothing aroma. Perfect for drinking at any time of day! 

Caffeine: None

Organic Chai Pu-Erh - Full Leaf has combined the amazing flavor of chai with the unique rich flavor of pu-erh! The spice of chai is grounded by the rich, earthy flavor of pu-erh to produce a truly exquisite cup of tea!

Caffeine: High

Approximately 5-7 servings per tin.

Drawstring tea bags included to help make the tea.

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Rhonda Rohaly
Fantastic Sampler

I love chai teas. All of these in this sampler are delicious. I love them iced as well! Thanks for such great teas!

Donna Corcel
I have tried one...need to

I have tried one...need to try the others. It is good. The one thing I noticed...the cardamon seeds are still in their pods - I broke them open so I could get a more richer flavor with the cardamon.

Melissa Wooldridge
Love this sample set

I'm enjoying the different caffeine options in this sample. I'm sipping on the white Chai with tsp of cane sugar and splash of coconut milk, delicious!

Lorraine Sauer
Great tea, love it!

Great tea, love it!

Lawrence Hess
The chai sampler is an

The chai sampler is an excellent blend of ingredients. I would recommend all combinations equally to a chai drinker.