Premium Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

  • Premium Loose Leaf Tea Sampler
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Premium Loose Leaf Tea Sampler



Experience the unique flavors of four of our finest loose leaf raw teas. Sample our most popular teas from four different categories!

(Black Tea) Organic Assam-This long leaf tea has golden tips to each leaf, and features a brisk and malty flavor. This is a rich and bold black tea! Origin: India 

(Green Tea) Organic Ceylon Green-These beautiful long leaves have a great taste and aroma. Smooth premium green tea. Origin: Sri Lanka

(Oolong Tea) Organic Oolong Qilan- This oolong tea is smooth with a mellow nutty flavor and a rich aroma. Exquisite! Origin: China

(White Tea) Organic Pai Mu Tan-Some white buds remain in this varied leaf sized tea. Steeps to a delicate, smooth, sweet cup. Origin: China

 Approximately 5-7 servings per tin.

20 tea bags included to help "sample"


If you are not completely satisfied, let us know and we will gladly send you something else or return your money.  It's that simple.