Organic Sweet Matcha Sampler

  • Organic Sweet Matcha Sampler
Organic Sweet Matcha Sampler Organic Sweet Matcha Sampler Full Leaf Box Gift Wrapping

Organic Sweet Matcha Sampler



Full Leaf's line of Sweet Matcha has a variety of delicious matcha blends with powerful health benefits! Sweet matcha is the perfect blend of cane sugar and matcha powder for use in lattes, smoothies and recipes! Since we know it's hard to choose just one, we created this amazing sampler to get your taste buds started.

Each matcha is packaged in a view lid tin that holds 5-7 servings. All of the tins are packaged together in a kraft paper box stamped with our signature logo.

Included in this sample: 

Organic Sweet Matcha Original- Full Leaf's Sweet Matcha Original gives all the amazing health benefits of matcha with the sweet taste of organic cane sugar!

Organic Sweet Matcha VitalityFull Leaf's Sweet Matcha Vitality combines the superfood, wheatgrass, with the delicious taste of sweet matcha to boost strength and revive your spirit!

Organic Sweet Matcha Energy- Full Leaf's Sweet Matcha Energy gives the ultimate energy boost! Guarana is added to our sweet matcha to create a delicious and energizing blend! 

Organic Sweet Matcha CinnamonFull Leaf's Sweet Matcha Cinnamon has the amazing flavor of sweet matcha with a perfect touch of cinnamon!


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If you are not completely satisfied, let us know and we will gladly send you something else or return your money.  It's that simple.

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