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Cleanse your body and mind with Organic Detox Tea! Specially formulated to optimize health, Organic Detox was blended to create the perfect balance of detoxification and healing to make you feel invigorated and renewed!

Caffeine Content: None

This tea's ingredients include...

<strong>Organic Holy Basil</strong> used in Organic Detox Tea

Organic Holy Basil

Truly a "Super Herb", Holy Basil is worshipped in India due to its numerous health benefits. Some of these benefits include detoxification, immune boosting, stress reduction, anti-aging, and more!

<strong>Organic Spearmint</strong> used in Organic Detox Tea

Organic Spearmint

Spearmint is the great "balancer" of this blend and aids in digestion, reduces nausea, and helps with cold and flu symptoms.

<strong>Organic Rose Hips</strong> used in Organic Detox Tea

Organic Rose Hips

An excellent immune booster, Rose Hips contain more vitamin C than oranges. Besides being great for you, they add a delicious flavor to this blend that keeps you coming back for more!

<strong>Organic Lemon Verbena</strong> used in Organic Detox Tea

Organic Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena has a long list of health benefits including weight loss, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, digestive health, and decongestant, Besides its numerous health benefits, Lemon Verbena adds a delicious citrus flavor to Organic Detox.

<strong>Organic Linden Leaf</strong> used in Organic Detox Tea

Organic Linden Leaf

A natural expectorant, Linden Leaf, and Flower aids in cold symptoms and also helps your body excrete toxins to help you heal.
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